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Orthodox churches are adorned with amazing and intricate works of iconography depicting the lives and works of saints and other religious figures. These colorful and enchanting works of art have a rich history dating back to the early days of Christianity.

φορητές εικόνες

Byzantine Icons

Byzantine icons are a unique object of the Orthodox Christian tradition. These small, hand-painted icons depict saints and other religious figures, reminding us of their presence and influence in the lives of believers.



Hagiography is an essential part of the Orthodox Christian heritage, showing the life and works of saints and other religious figures. Over time, however, these beautiful pieces of art can become damaged, faded, or otherwise need restoration.

Επιχρυσώσεις τέμπλων

Gilding Temples

Orthodox churches are beautiful and holy places and form the heart of the religious community. To further enhance the beauty of your church consider adding a touch of gold to the main elements of the church.


In the Land of the Saints where for 40 years we have been trying with our donor to revive their extinguished eyes by going back centuries; of the Saints who with their lives and work teach and educate forever.

We have been given the gift to practice the art of Hagiography and we deeply feel that the worship of our Church constitutes an unbroken chain throughout the years. This is the reason why we believe that it is our duty to give people works of art as legacy, which symbolize our eternal orthodox faith.

Taking into consideration the saying of St. Vasilios that “The value of the holly image depicts the value of the person represented”, we are very happy to bring forward those holly persons, who have become highly respected and worshiped, acting according to Jesus Christ’s will for their entire life.

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Χριστός ένθρονος

Byzantine Icons




Gilding Temples

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